Operatic large women and enumerating young poultry

Firstly my appreciation to those of my friends and colleagues who did not suffer from the mistaken belief that I might not be aware of the score in last night’s North London Derby (pah!) and offer to inform me of the score along with their own witty commentary.

Sadly I have to admit that we deserved our fate. Not on a footballing level but from a fans point of view. Once we had recovered from the early shock of a Bentley wonder shot (aka fluke) from the centre circle and taken the lead and control of the game, the Arsenal fans started chanting “1-0 and you mucked it up” (actually they didn’t use the word “mucked” but one that rhymed with it) along with other witticisms about the possibility/probability of Spurs being relegated. A little premature unfortunately – if only the Spurs fans had stayed to the end rather than leaving in their droves in the last 10 minutes they would have been able to return the chant “4-2 and you mucked it up”
So a lesson learnt as Arsene would say. it’s not over until the fat lady sings, nor should we count our chickens before they are hatched.
A bit of perspective (for my friends in the other part of North London) – Tottenham have not won the triple or the world club trophy or even the game, Arsenal playing stupidly are 3rd in the league (though not for long if they carry on tossing points away like last night) while Tottenham have 19 clubs above them.
Does this have anything to do with geography? Not really but I could at a stretch introduce the concept of place and local derbies or I could use our presumption of victory as a metaphor for the assumed dominance of 1 player or another in the geospatial marketplace.