Sh*thole Geography Standup Quiz

Shithole President - DSC07529_ep

Here is a little bit of fun for you to enjoy at a staff social, after your Xmas lunch or in the pub one evening

This is how the Sh*thole Geography Standup Quiz works.

“At the beginning everyone stands up. 

Quizmaster asks a question with 3 suggested answers.

If you think the answer is the first one put your left hand up, if you think it is the second one both hands up, if you think it is the third one put your right hand up. 

QM tells you the correct answer, everyone who got it wrong sit down. If you didn’t make a choice then you also sit down. There are some other interesting stats in the speaker notes for each slide (you need to download the presentation)

Then we go again until one person is left standing – if everyone gets knocked out you can all stand up again and keep answering questions.

There is a tie breaker question at the end”

And you could ignore all my instructions and just have a fun time after Xmas lunch or even do the quiz on your own and see how many questions you can answer, you could tweet your score with the hashtag #ShitholeQuiz

What’s the point of the maps at the end of each slide/question? I’m not sure! The quiz was first presented at FOSS4G with Ken and we had a cartographic spin to the whole talk, I changed it to become a bit more philosophical – maybe the maps disprove some of our preconceptions. 

Don’t press the autoplay button on the quiz or it will go into auto advance mode which is not the ideal way to run the quiz, use the > button to advance and the < to go backwards if needed. If you want to download the quiz or access directly you can find the quiz here