Sounds off

I am a sceptic about sound maps in general because I can’t normally see any significance in the spatial distribution of sound clips or why you would want to search for sound clips by location. I think there may be a real challenge in linking sound and maps in a meaningful way.

Thanks to Mag3737

Among the silliest in my opinion is the UK SoundMap from the British Library. I doubt that much of value will come from allowing anyone to upload any sound clip they wish and associate it with a point on a map.

In contrast Memory Loops clearly has focus and undoubtedly the sound clips are a valuable historical archive.

“With Memory Loops, Munich is creating a virtual memorial for the victims of National Socialism. Michaela Melian’s audio work of art comprises 300 German and 175 English audio tracks which can be found on a map drawn up by the artist …”

The hand drawn map creates an interesting background for the sound clips which are well worth browsing through. I guess if you live in Munich today the locations might add a little relevance but I think these clips would be a chilling record of European history without any map.