A brief history of web mapping

When I was asked to give a lecture in the GI Frontiers series at Nottingham University I thought it would be easy to pull something together quite quickly, so I asked what would you like me to cover and Jeremy said “how about a history of web mapping?” No probs I thought. Well it turned out that this was a bigger task than I had anticipated but it was massively rewarding and I learnt a lot.

The lecture turned out to be a work in progress because I gathered so much material from interviews and other research that I ran out of time to fully analyse it. There are also several areas that I know need further research to fill in detail and I didn’t get to look at the evolution of mobile. I am going to pause and digest the stuff that I have found before deciding how to move forward with this history (offers of sponsorship, publishing etc would be welcome).

You can run through the slide deck which is annotated with my speaker notes here

A Brief History of Web Mapping

You can also view my mindmap which has a load of my interview notes, links to interesting resources and stuff. If you want to suggest stuff that I have missed or add some stuff leave a comment below and I will add.
Thanks go to Ed Parsons, Antony Pegg, Audrey Mandela, Sean Phelan, Tyler Mitchell, Charles Kennelly, Dave McIllhagga, Muki Haklay and Tom Myers for their time and insight.

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