A GeoVating success story

It’s a few months since the GeoVation Awards.

Did you know? Plaques for Handel and Jimi Hendrix stand side by side on 25 and 23 Brook Street, Mayfair, London,

Dave Coughlan was one of the winning finalists with his Plaque Guide concept, now with funding from GeoVation he has got his site up and running and if I may say so it is pretty neat. I admit a bit of bias here as my friends at Geo.me, another GeoVation finalist, helped him to build it.

With help from some of the press wizards at OS Dave has been in the news a bit and even got interviewed by the beeb (look out for that one in the next few days). Now what he needs is a bit of help filling in the 600 odd plaques to complete London before moving on to other cities in the UK and even spreading his net wider. Rumour has it that this could be an engaging way for school kids to explore local history and personalities,  the thought of junior crowdsourcers learning, mapping and helping the project sounds like a lot of fun to me. I wonder how long it will take to complete London?

So GeoVator No. 1 is off and running, congratulations to Dave Coughlan, the GeoVation Team and Judges (good choice guys). Next up will be the big launch coming from the Geography Collective and Mission Explore, I think they still have some places at the launch if you are interested contact them. I am also looking forward to hearing what MaxiMap have managed to achieve with their award in the near future.

Not a bad start for GeoVation, I am pretty chuffed to have been involved in helping get it off the ground.

The next GeoVation Challenge “How can Britain feed itself?” has started, if you have an idea hop over to the Challenge