Bloggers are looking forward to GeoCommunity

Well at least the bloggers who are presenting are all looking forward to it.

Peter Batty is getting misty eyed at the thought of returning to the UK and speaking in the Bard’s birthplace. Ed Parsons after flaming us a bit last year for being too introspective (possibly a little harsh but understandable) is coming back for another dose of GeoCommunity because of the GeoWeb stream that Chris Osborne is coordinating. Talking about Chris Osborne, he has a great offer on some of the remaining day tickets for #geomob members. Martin Daly author of the best titled paper of the year offers us a public service announcement Directions mag ran this article by me on the conference. John Fagan at Multimap couldn’t resist giving us a plug as he is on the conference team and the Bing people joined in with this plug for the opportunity to win an XBox at the conference.

If you are coming to GeoCommunity I look forward to drinking a geobeer with you while having a GIScussion with you or even a georant (georants tend to take over after a few geobeers or even geolagavulins). If you haven’t signed up yet, what are you waiting for? Get over to Chris Osborne’s blog, join the #geomob and get a deal on a day pass or two.

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