#FOSS4G give to the 2018 Travel Grant Programme NOW

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I am sitting at FOSS4G with a little smile on my face. We have just handed out the last of ten travel grants to people who would not have been able to have make the trip to Boston without our support. When you meet these people and hear a little more of their stories you know how important it is that we enable more people to experience FOSS4G.

This year we crowdfunded over $1,500 to enable us to get the 10th person on our list to Boston. Next year FOSS4G will be in Dar es Salaam, we want to enable 30, 50 or even more people to join the FOSS4G community. Let’s start raising that funding early

  • If everyone at FOSS4G today gave $10 it would double our TGP funds for 2018 and if you gave a bit more …
  • If all of the CEOs of our generous sponsors gave an additional 10% on top of what they have already contributed to this year’s FOSS4G the would double the funds available.

We can do this. You can make a donation right NOW, don’t say “I’ll do it when I get home”


So DONATE NOW (the money will go to The FOSS4G Travel Grant Programme and PayPal waive credit card charges as they are a NFP)

May the FOSS be with you