Where do all the Manchester United fans live? 4

Nothing makes me happier than being able to link geography and football.

As a Londoner I am stunned by the number of Liverpool and Man U fans who live in London (and they didn’t all move here).

So if there is a football mad hacker out there maybe you can help me to put together www.wheredoallthemanufanslive.com (good URL?). You can make suggestions or offer help at the GeoVation Challenge

Any guesses which team has the lowest proportion of fans living within 30 miles of the ground?

4 thoughts on “Where do all the Manchester United fans live?

  • TG

    You could extend this to "where do all the ManU players come from" and it is clear that a map of Manchester will not suffice… I'm not really into football but the game seems to be providing a future model of the global village… Thierry

  • Nick T

    As you know Steve I had a season ticket at OT and sat next to a chap who travelled home and away with the reds, however he lived in Reading, obviously we knew him as the cockney red (oh the irony!) Anyhow we were proud of him for his dedication to the cause.
    However if you interested in exactly who your local team is try this link https://www.hopewiser.com/services/proximity
    I assume you will be switching allegiance to Barnet now?

  • Peter Yard

    As an ardent Man U fan brought up within 30 miles of Old Trafford I am concerned as to the direction this blog post is heading!

    May I suggest some further GeoVation research into the Premiership team clocking up the most player origin "air miles"?
    Methinks that may have Mr Feldman rumaging closer to home.


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