Getting lost in the clouds at CASA

I spent today at the Advances in Spatial Analysis & e-Social Science event at CASA/UCL today. It’s a warm up for the GISRUK (academic GI) conference and from past experience is somewhat more accessible to the non academics (like me) than the main conference.

I came away disappointed and grumpy. I was left with the feeling that a lot of the “research” was superficial and hardly stretching the boundaries of knowledge or understanding but maybe that is because I am not an academic. My impression was that the only reason for undertaking some of this was because there was funding available. Blue sky thinking is fine but you have to watch out for getting lost in the clouds, particularly when there are big cuts coming in June.

Rollo Home, Ken Field and I were tweeting with mounting scepticism until Carl Steinitz spoke at the very end and poured some cold water on the cool stuff – rough quote “Visualisation is not communication” You can read our back chat and get a flavour of the event here, the first few tweets are nothing to do with the CASA even but then no one owns the #casa hashtag

Postscript 14th April: I woke up and realised what left me dissatisfied with yesterday – the title! I missed the Analysis and Science.

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