GIS and Football

I have to confess to an obsessive passion for everything to do with football. It occurred to me that GI has quite a lot of connections with football.

After all, the teams are each associated with a location so we could map them except for Man Utd who don’t really belong anywhere and certainly not in Manchester, a bit like a PO box. Then there are the fans, where do they come from, we could do a series of drivetimes and travel to work type analyses, that would be fun except that the Man U fanbase would be evenly distributed all over the UK with a big clump a couple of thousand miles away in Thailand and of course a neat blank space around the Manchester connurbation. Then we could undertake a geo-demographic analysis of the fan bases and I am sure that would tell us a lot about the clubs – no prejudice here but what would you expect as the dominant types for Milwall, Chelsea and of course man U?

Then we could turn it round the other way and compare football clubs and people to the GI industry. Who would you vote for as the Chelsea, Man U and Arsenal (or evenLiverpool if simon Doyle is reading) of the GI companies? Who is our Abramovitch, Henry or Mourinho?