Taking service for granted

Recently I have been doing quite a lot of travelling, airports and travel seem to be plagued with hassle. I have flown with BA each time and used their on line check in, meal choices and text warnings of delays and thought “that’s not bad”.

I went to Stockholm this week and by mistake flew with another airline, the on-line check-in didn’t work, they did not have self service at Heathrow, self service at Stockholm was broken and the queue was about 45 minutes to check in with hand luggage only! Good for the blood pressure and left them with no goodwill when the flight was then delayed. Message – stick to BA if I can.

Now I think there is another message here for those of us building on-line services (mapping or otherwise) for clients – if the service is worth having you had better make sure that it is robust and keeps working 24 x 7 because if people get used to it and take it for granted they will be seriously fed up if the service goes down or disappears.