GIS is not a profession (and other less controversial observations)

Today I did a Q&A with the Early Careers Network of the AGI.

Much of it was fairly uncontroversial stuff about career plans in GI and some trends. My main focus was on choosing a good employer that provides opportunities, career progression and growth rather than being too worried about how much GI you were going to do.

Somehow I slipped in the proposition that GI was not a profession and the future would be about people apply geographic awareness rather than doing GI, could upset a few people but there you go. I am red hot with a spreadsheet and formulae (I’ve been using the damn things for over 30 years) as are many people who work in business management or finance but we don’t call ourselves Spreadsheet Professionals – it’s just a tool that we use.

If you have got an hour to while away you might watch this but if you are more than 5 years into your career I wouldn’t bother. The post on GIS careers by Thierry Gregorius which I mention early on is here, it’s a lot shorter than the video.


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