Just because you can put something on a map …

Gary Gale invited me to talk to one of the 3 W’s of geo at W3G. I chose the “what”

That's me thanks to Paul Clarke

You can probably guess where this went. After a preamble about relevance, spatial patterns, distortion and open data I launched into my personal trawl through the Good, the Bad and the Ugly. My final message was “Think before you map”, I got a few laughs and a couple of people who I had not met before actually came up to me afterwards and said nice things in agreement with my opinions.

Word spread through the twittersphere to Andy Hudson-Smith that I had launched into SurveyMapper, which I had and I thought woops I may have pissed him off again – when we had a lengthy conversation much later in the evening fuelled by some geoLagavulin it actually turned out that we were pretty much in agreement.

Apparently there was some surprise that I won the unconference prize for the most over-running presentation.

Now it is on to GeoCommunity another presentation, a panel discussion and a georant. Going to be a busy day

The slides are here

And the mindmap that explains what I was talking about is here