Met goes funky and open 1

The Meteorological Office have come up with a real corker of a weather map with their Invent service about which they say

Met Office Invent will showcase some of our future plans for presenting web-based weather forecasts, products and information. It will allow you to become involved in the formation of new weather and climate change products, services or forecasts.

There are one heck of a lot of options for different data to be displayed, adjusting the time of the forecast, storing your favourite locations and the interface is pretty neat. To cap it all you can download the weather data under a pretty liberal license, shame they couldn’t just use the Open Government License which is so easy to understand.

One thought on “Met goes funky and open

  • Mark Percival

    I had a look at this a few weeks ago and I agree, nice interface and fast.

    However, being able to do anything with the data requires you to know about the intricacies of weather data as the format is grib for which you need a dedicated viewer not making it exactly easy to do anything with. But they don’t tell you this until you’ve been through the whole registration process!

    A good effort, but the data side could be a lot better!

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