OS Consultation afterthought – nice one gov but … 2

I missed a couple of thoughts from my winners and losers piece on the OS consultation.

Firstly the folk who ran the consultation should be congratulated on reaching out to a lot of people and wading through 441 responses. Making sense out of the conflicting interests and opinions can’t have been easy. My view is that this was a well considered outcome that will achieve most of the aspirations of the OpenData community without destroying our national mapping agency or their capacity to continue to produce high quality data.

Second thought (and I missed this on my first trawl through the govt response) Government please please finish the job off and sort out the ridiculous addressing saga. Bang a few heads together, compared to the result you have just got this should be easy!

2 thoughts on “OS Consultation afterthought – nice one gov but …

  • Graham Hyde

    Again, agreed. It is odd that the addressing issue was specifically mentioned in the original consultation but nothing in the response. Huge cost savings to be made by having one address list. Just look at the 2011 Census address database? Surely this would be a great place to start? It would also be a catastrophe to let it go.

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