Photosynth moves out of the labs – crowd sourcing street views?

Microsoft have now opened up Photosynth so that you can upload your photos and get them rendered as 360 walkthroughs. the photomatching and stitching is completely invisible and from the early demos when it was still in the labs the application can also derive a wireframe from the overlapping images.

Try it (you will need to download a plugin which is meant to work in Firefox but I could only get to work in IE). The 360 of the boxer on the front page is brilliant and I managed to upload some pictures of a great sunrise from my holidays in just a few minutes. When you upload you are offered a somewhat baffling array of Creative Commons license options for your photos. you can also geotag the synth with Virtual Earth but I haven’t worked out how to bring it up in a search.
If you are using Firefox or IE and have downloaded the plugin you can also play with the synth here:
If the crowd can get over any latent Microsoftphobia this has enormous potential for street view type applications. A few people’s business models could be going south.