Tweeting responsibly at #W3G and #GeoCom – a public service announcement

Some people don’t get twitter, fair enough. Some people don’t like the back channel at conferences, maybe they think it is distracting delegates from listening to the presentations, fair enough. Some people tweet way too much, that’s me.

Thanks to carrotcreative

At a conference the tweetstream is a conversation, often irreverent, frequently sharp and observant, sometimes puncturing pomposity (not that I am suggesting any existed at W3G or GeoCom) and nearly always humourous. If you are wondering what the geotwiteratti were chatting about you don’t need to join twitter you can just read these tweetdocs from W3G and GeoCommunity

Simon Doyle, the chair of GeoCommunity asked us to tweet responsibly, I think we did.

Interesting, useful or pointless? Let me know what you think.

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