Wanted: Old political boundary maps

The Indian Empire

Crowdsourcing some presentation images

I need some help to find old map images for a presentation that I am preparing.

In “When politics meet maps there is no right” I wrote about the challenges in representing disputed boundaries and place names for digital mappers. I will be presenting on this topic at FOSS4G in Bonn in August and the British Cartographic Society symposium in September.

Do you have any images or scans of old political geography maps? I am interested in stuff dating from the late 19th century through to the end of the 20th century and I am particularly keen to find some stuff that shows other peoples’ view of the world (i.e. not just the British view). If you have any old maps that you would be happy to share with me ping me a mail via the contact form and we can work out the best way to share, ideally I would like to upload them to flickr (either here or by creating a group) so that others can see and use the images but I will only do that if you give me the ok.

If you know a man (or woman) who knows a woman (or man) who might have an interesting map to share could you ping a link to this blog on to them.



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