Who is No 2 GI Company?

Discussions have been running a poll to determine who is the number 2 provider of GIS (ESRI being the number 1)

Of course the poll is only a bit of fun and the sample is hardly representative but interestingly as the poll has run the trends have changed. At the beginning of the week Bentley were in number 2 slot by mid week MapInfo had risen to within a couple of votes of taking second place from them. This morning there seems to have been a flurry of votes and MapInfo have crept past Bentley but hey look out on the inside track here comes Intergraph and they have surged past both Bentley and MapInfo into 2nd place nearly doubling their vote in 24 hours!

Here are the poll results at 9.00am GMT

Daratech recently offered that Bentley Systems is the #2 GIS company (ESRI is #1). Based on your usage of GIS technology at your organization, what GIS company is second to ESRI?
Total of 422 Votes
Autodesk – 57 votes (13.5%)
Bentley Systems – 80 votes (19%)
Intergraph – 104 votes (24.6%)
Pitney Bowes MapInfo – 89 votes (21.1%)
Logica – 5 votes (1.2%)
ERDAS – 28 votes (6.6%)
Other – 59 votes (14%)

So who is voting in this poll? Would it be unfair to wonder if a particularly high proportion of voters work for these companies?


Here are the final results of the poll as of 1st July

2nd Intergraph 29%
3rd MapInfo 20%
4th Bentley 16%