Google wants your geodata

Last week Google Maps Mania had a post about a soon to be launched feature in the Google Maps API.

Google have announced that in a few weeks time they will be adding new functionality to the Google Maps API v2 that allows Google to log the location and content of the markers and/or infowindows that are displayed in Google Maps mashups. Google then plans to use the gathered data created by Google Maps developers within the main Google Maps site.

Can you see where this is going? If Google are building their own map of the world as they phase out Tele Atlas then all of the mashedup content provides an additional source of information and content to add to that gleaned from collecting StreetView and whatever other smart collection techniques Google have in plan.

This takes crowd sourcing to another level or is it the ultimate in Derived Data?

I would be fascinated to know how Google will extract features and infer information from the mashed up points and info windows?

Of course if you don’t want your geodata to be absorbed by Google there is a way to stop them by switching off indexing in your API settings (but I guess that means that less people will find your app when they search for it).

You can sort of understand why OS lawyers were getting a little heated about the “perpetual rights” clause in Google’s T&C’s a few months back.

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