My name is Steven, I am a geoholic

Yes it is true, I am a geoholic. I love things geo and probably go a bit over the top (well maybe a lot over the top) in trying to preach geo as the answer to everything. Geo has kept me twittering, blogging and consumes much time and has from time to time even generated a bit of income.

For the last year since leaving MapInfo (or Pitney Towers as I affectionately call it) I have been suffering from a touch of withdrawal. Life has been good and I am working on some interesting projects but where has the hardcore geo been?

So thank you to AGI for inviting me to chair this year’s GeoCommunity for the third and last time (yes this really is my last year, I have to kick the habit) – I am off to Stratford for 3 days of giscussions, geonetworking, georants, geobeers (or geolagavulins if that is your preference) and geofun. Hopefully this major fix of geo will not result in an overdose or even a geohangover and I will come back from Stratford cured and a reformed character (some chance).

Anyone else in the GeoCommunity got a confession they want to share?

You can follow GeoCommunity at and on twitter by searching for #geocom (on Wednesday evening at 5.30 the georanters will be throwing digital tomatoes at #geosoap)