New lamps for old

A couple of weeks ago PBBI announced their new cloud strategy at their Insights conference. There was much mention of cloud, SaaS and DaaS along with the launch of some new (newish) products and services and collaboration with WeoGeo and Microsoft. You can find more detail in the coverage by Joe Francica of Directions who was at the conference.

PBBI are doing some sensible but not necessarily revolutionary things to adapt to a changing marketplace. Inevitably the launches are dressed up with some popular geobuzzwords that can help to align the company’s strategy with apparent trends in our industry – “cloud” and any letter you like followed by “aaS” plus mention of “infrastructure”.

What particularly interested me were the comments that this article prompted. Of course lots of other players in the geo world are already doing something like this and in some cases have gone quite a long way further down the road to new service and transaction/usage models for geo capabilities and content (I hope will prove to be one of those). A couple of my friends in the UK community have pointed out that none of this is particularly new.

What they may have missed is that when a big guy like PBBI starts making a noise about this stuff more people will listen and that could create even bigger opportunities for the people who are really pushing the envelope.

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