Post-neogeography in Wales

In December I was invited to the AGI Cymru Annual Conference to present a short summary of September’s discussions on paleo and neo-geography at AGI 2007. The following streams were focussed on Health and Environment and provided some great examples of the kind of applications that are “more than just pushpins” and which at the same time have the potential to blur the boundaries (if there are any) between neo and paleo.

A common them in the 3 environmental presentations was tracking change over different time periods. In the coastal erosion model predictions have been modelled of erosion and loss of property, communications and environment over the next 150 years. The Countryside Council for Wales have tracked how habitat changes an create disconnected islands that reduce the migration of species. An EU funded project used a set of visual observation criteria to classify the landscape and had the potential through crowd sourcing of observations to identify change.