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Marc and I finally delivered the first Sales & Marketing workshop at FOSS4G 2017 in Boston with 14 attendees. All of the hard work and detailed planning seemed to work out, we stuck to time, the material made sense and built to the point where several of the delegates had breakthroughs in terms of their clarity and messaging.

The feedback since the workshop has been fantastically positive (note my modesty), I think we can sharpen the focus a bit (trim a couple of sections) and rework the exercises to make them even more effective.

Some people have asked if we would make the slides available so I have posted them online (in pdf with speaker notes) although I doubt they will be much use without Marc’s words of wisdom and my hyper-babble. Still if you can’t get to the next workshop in London later this year and you can’t wait until the next FOSS4G (when we will probably build on what we did this year) then the slides may be better than nothing.

  1. Introduction
  2. Marketing is strategy ..
  3. Value Propositions
  4. Marketing essentials
  5. The Pain Chain
  6. Asking the right questions
  7. Pricing for Profit
  8. 10 characteristics of a great value proposition

My takeaway from the workshop is that there is a definite need for this kind of training for startups and small tech businesses and if we can identify a few key concepts to teach in a day we can really make a difference for some of our delegates. If we had two days …

I am hoping to run one or two workshops in London later this year, it depends on finding a venue and possibly a sponsor to help reduce delegate costs. If you are interested in attending the workshop and want more info or if you are interested in hosting/sponsoring a workshop get in touch via the contact form. The work on value propositions is transformational stuff for small businesses, if you’d like me to facilitate your team to develop sharp focussed value propositions get in touch and we can discuss how that might work.

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