Winners and losers

Peter Batty has an interesting post on his geothought blog about how neogeography is moving into the traditional GIS space and predicting major disruption in the next 5 years. No need to recap the ideas because you should go and read them.

Suffice it to say that I think Peter has it spot on but may be understating the speed with which the changes are taking place.

If there is major disruption which organisations are most likely to be the losers? Yes I know that many of you may think that the organisation I consult for may be one of them and I understand why you might think that, now move on from that and think which others may be impacted and why? I have been asked to participate in a foresight study on the UK geo industry and I am interested to gather your views either by commenting on this blog or mailing me directly through the link.

Peter Batty is one of the plenary speakers on the opening day of GeoCommunity ’09. If you haven’t heard him speak before he is well worth the visit to beautiful Shakespeare country as is Andrew Turner, the other plenary on that day plus over 70 other speakers workshops etc over the 2 days of geobabble that is GeoCommunity. We secured another block of hotel rooms a couple of weeks ago, there are still a few left at great rates you can book here.

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