Corporate musical chairs

Without pointing the finger at any one company, I’m wondering if there is a connection between lack of success and frequent rounds of musical chairs within the boardroom?

Who gets knocked out this time round? Thanks to David Maddison

Companies that retain the same leadership over long periods seem to execute on their strategies more successfully than those that chop and change leaders at 3-5 yearly intervals (or maybe they change leaders because the previous leader’s strategic direction wasn’t working out)

Most of us have experienced the new leader who is parachuted in to “make a difference” and who spends the next couple of years shaking things up with little effect before moving on or being moved on (Disclaimer: I have been one on at least one occasion). It’s never quite as simple as it seemed in that quick strategic review that was intended to arrest decline, reduce the cost base, leverage capabilities or refocus on new opportunities.

In the geo world, take a look at the most successful companies (however you define success). How many of them have longish term stable leadership teams (over 5 years)?

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