Who pays for our new pavement?

It’s a decade or more since our street was enhanced with the questionable wonders of cable from Telewest or whoever they were before they became Virgin.

The byproduct was our pavements being ripped and then relaid with broken uneven paving stones, patches of tarmac and shoddy workmanship. Why Haringey allowed them to get away with it I don’t know. Then recently Thames have replaced the water mains and had to dig up much of the pavement to make the connections to the houses. Loads more tarmac patches.

At long last and after numerous complaints and probably a few accidents we now have a beautiful new flat pavement being laid. I wonder whether Haringey is recovering any of the cost from Virgin and Thames? Or will this be paid for from my council tax?

What’s this got to do with geo? Not sure. Oh yes “someone has to pay to fix the mess”

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